Quilts are art, and quilts are comfort. Whether you want to hang a quilt on the wall, or use it for snuggling on the couch, I can create custom quilted art for you. I’m interested in taking on projects for clients who like my style and are willing to give me creative control. We can decide on a basic design and color palette, and I’ll take it from there. I can also incorporate textiles provided by you to give your piece more personal meaning. Do you have special clothes or linens you would like to live on in a quilt? Let me know! I’m happy to work them in.

Price will vary depending on the level of detail in the work and the need for any special supplies. Here is a rough pricing guide:

Wall Quilt (approx 24” x 36”): $700

Baby Quilt (approx 35” x 45”): $1000

Throw Quilt (approx 50” x 65”): $1300

Turnaround for each project will be decided on a case by case basis, and will depend on my other commitments at the time. Expect your quilt to take 2-10 months to complete.

A custom quilt can be a great option for one-of-a-kind art in your home, or a unique and meaningful gift. If you are interested in working with me, please email lhartrich@gmail.com.

Example types of patchwork I can make for you!

Example types of patchwork I can make for you!